What Do Reviewers Say?

Twelve freelance writers were recruited to try this site as much as they liked, and instructed to "Write your testimonial about The Good Life Mission (it should just be sincere, it doesn't have to be favorable.) What would you say to a friend about it?"  This ensured honest results, unlike many other sites where testimonials are “cherry-picked” from fans or buddies.  For the sake of readability the testimonials are listed in order of shortest to longest (use the scrollbar to see more):

I was dubious about what this survey could show me, but was very surprised at how much money can be saved just by doing some simple, easy things. This information is very useful and insightful. A pleasant surprise!

Aaron Turpen
Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

I found this site very useful and would recommend it to all my friends. The tips were creative and informative. I enjoyed the graphics and ease of use. This site is great for anyone that wants to learn some financial savings tips.

Toronto, Ontario
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Your website is fantastic. The suggestions have already started to save me money. Almost anyone should be able to hang on to more of their hard-earned dollars by using your site. They were all easy to implement and very effective.


Joel C. Brothers
Cleveland, Tennessee

I enjoyed the tips and the resources provided by The Good Life Mission. It's not a perfect science but hey, at least they are truly trying to assist people in these times. Can't wait to see what new tips and tricks they'll offer next. Good move, GoodLifeTicket.com.

Mys Palmer
Lancaster, California
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The Good Life Mission is a very useful site. It has quite a lot of interesting information that can help you save money. This is especially important in today's financial climate. I found several tips that I can put to use right away. There are also links to help one understand how putting this information to work can really help you.

Becky Rhone-Nowlan
Baltimore, Maryland
United States of America

I enjoyed the detailed result provided by The Good Life Mission. I believe it would definitely be of great help to any American who is concerned about how much they spend and, more importantly, how much they can save! The home and mortgage tips, for example, provide a good list of cost-saving options that a lot of people may not be aware of. It would be a good idea, though, if the website can be adapted to work on other currencies.


This is a very useful financial checkup tool. It points out enough areas of potential savings to offer something for every stage of life. I loved the table showing what the credit scores actually meant to a consumer in terms of mortgage rates and credit card rates.

I found the links to more in-depth coverage of different subjects very interesting even to a life long saver like me.

K. Kohlwey
Salt Lake City, Utah

I really had fun finding out how making some simple changes in my life could make a big difference for me and my family. I was surprised at the savings I ended up with and cannot wait to see my savings add up month over month! I feel like I am finally taking a step in the right direction. This site did a great job of providing such "real" sound advice I could start implementing right away. Changes can happen overnight, if you just take the steps to get started!

Lincoln, Nebraska
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The Good Life Mission is fantastic!

With escalating cost of expenses nowadays, every which way we could create a saving will really be a welcome. I have been recently introduced to this Good Life Mission and it is indeed an interesting tool to identify a lot great ways to generate savings. In fact, some are even areas where we least expected.

This tool is user-friendly and flexible. Although it may not be totally applicable to my country of residence, I could actually use it indicatively to generate a more comprehensive cost-saving measure of my own.

Check out my Good Life Mission... I could amass a saving up to US$45,000 in 5 years!

Wenny Yap
Shah Alam
Selangor, Malaysia

The Good Life Mission is a very effective and practical approach to money savings for an individual or family. Now that global economies have begun seeing a revival, cost savings in every area is most prudent right from an entrepreneur to a commoner, and this is where The Good Life Mission helps out an average man. The tips provided are extremely useful, in a way such that, it suggests you to implement these tips with as minimal an effort, gradually and practically. For example: tips such as carpooling to work, telecommuting once a week, switching to cheaper insurance, cutting down on the junk food, smoking and drinking, etc.. were the most useful tips for me and these did not take more than a week to implement. Another most useful feature in the Good Life Mission website are tips from other websites as well, such as Bankrate.com which help better manage your mortgage, loans, credit and debit finance. This additional information comes to you at no cost at all, is more educative than any consumer finance tips compilation out there on the Internet and is quicker to access. To my family and I, The Good Life Mission is the most useful website I have come across in years.

Ramya Dilip Kumar

My name is Mo and I live in Chicago, Il. I would recommend it to anyone who owns a home or car, as these areas have the greatest amount of savings through energy costs, mortgage management, anti-burglary, and auto insurance. As I don't own a car or home, and probably will not own either of those in five years as I live in a major metropolitan area and freelance write and perform for a living (most auditions and theatres are within walking or bussing distance from my apartment, and I can do writing anywhere), I do not feel as though I am the target audience. I did, however, find information on insurance and tax preparation helpful, as I am an independent contractor and those are chief concerns of mine. Some of the information on heat leaks is also helpful as our gas bills are sometimes pretty high, and I look forward to saving some money in that arena. The tips are useful but we already use many energy-efficient appliances, light bulbs, etc, being the 20-something apartment full of activists we are. I think the Good Life Mission site could really help homeowners save a lot of money, especially if they have things like cable TV, major home appliances, control over their water heater, and what not. I think a lot of Americans would really benefit from this survey, and I would send it to my parents if they weren't already disgustingly frugal.

Chicago, Illinois

The Good Life Mission truly has something for everyone in all stages of financial security. Although difficult for one to imagine the exact savings one may gain on specific items, this tool shows pinpoints areas where other options might yield big savings or dividends. So many areas covered: Energy & Conservation, Finance & Taxes, Safety & Insurance, Credit & Debt, Medical & Dental, Home & Mortgage, and Telecom & Internet. The Good Life Mission has helpful tips in all areas and links to other sources for further investigation into areas where more information is needed to make comfortable decisions.

It was especially helpful for me in finding tax savings and other financial tips. Not only did I find personal tax savings, but I'm considering opening a small business and I was totally unaware of some of the deductions to track for the small business owner. For anyone buying another home, the information provided would allow them to take precautions not to pay needless expenses... For those needing to rebuild credit or get out of credit card debt, there is information available to help end this cycle. All this is available in an easy to use format.

Lynn C.
Anderson, SC

Note:  In the above testimonials, all mentions of the former name ("Lifetime Success Makeover") have been changed to “The Good Life Mission”