Your Healthier Life Award!

  Much-improved health can boost your life enjoyment dramatically.  And it's within reach of almost anyone! This Good Life Award of twenty-four top health tips is based on trustworthy leading sites like Medical News Today, and Better Health Channel.

What's the value of this Award compared to your seven Bonuses?  Some people may feel a little better and enjoy a longer life; others will likely find a few tips so revitalizing, it's worth more to them than their seven Bonuses combined!  In either case, this Award will save you tons of time because we sifted through thousands of web pages for you and picked out well-written articles with great tips.  They are also easy reads, and most come with summary sections to help you skim through fast.

The Greatest Wealth Is...?

“The greatest wealth is health” penned the Roman poet Virgil.  Vibrant health fuels good times and high spirits.  It can also work in reverse:  Being in good spirits can improve your health.

An Award Of Healthier, Happier Living

These twenty-four top health tips are all about creating more happiness and well-being.  They are yours to enjoy forever.

WHen you want a tip quickly explained, simply click any “In Brief” link.  Each tip is capped off by a “Health Secret” link:  Click it to uncover what the healthiest-and-happiest do, that many people never discover.  Scroll down a little more, and you'll even see how to reveal many secrets with just one click.

You'll also see “More:” links to other health sites, in case you have a special interest in a mentioned topic.  Let's see how many tips are either new to you, or helpful as a reminder.

Part 1: Top Health-Boosting Nutrition Tips

Why do we reveal nutritional secrets first?  Because all of that helps build up your health, purify you of toxins, lift your spirits and achieve your life purposes.  Your food choices profoundly impact your personal mood and energy, sometimes so slowly that we don't even realize it.  The more you choose healthy foods that suit you well personally, the happier you will feel.
  1. Keep your digestion working well with natural digestive aids.
  2. Replace most grains with better baked foods. 
  3. Eat more nutrient-rich foods including fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and spices.
  4. Consume only high-quality supplements, not unreliable ones. 
  5. Drink only all-natural energizers of good quality like tea, tisanes (herbal teas), cocoa and coffee . 
  6. Make your food choices well-timed and balanced for a smoother, more uplifting energy flow. 
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Part 2: Preventive Care To Stay Healthy

Health experts often warn us all of stresses to our health that may seem minor, yet gradually inflict very serious harm.  Stresses can include poor nutrition, pollution, household chemicals, microbes, and nearby electronic devices (to name a few.)  But most people shrug it all off until nearly irreparable damage has already been done.

It can be a major trap to think "I feel okay, it must not be harming me."  Even if you don't feel a stress, any of these seven possibilities could be true for you:
  1. A stress may be building slowly, so gradually that it's escaping any notice
  2. Your body may be fighting a stress adequately -- but it's now running out of resources to defend you
  3. Numbness to it may have set in (that's your body's way of letting you go own with your life)
  4. You may have slowly become accustomed to stress and its symptoms
  5. A stress may be overshadowed by your distracting life events
  6. A stress may be weakening your immune system, setting you up for gradual sickly decline later in life
  7. You can ignore a small stress, but your combined small stresses may be brewing major trouble
Whatever your true situation is, don't let any worry about stresses overly affect you.  Just take simple steps to replace those stresses with nourishing answers and you'll better enjoy life.
  1. Minimize foods that are non-organic, overly-processed, decayed or allergenic -- that's most items that have been on the shelf in dried, canned or bottled form. 
  2. Guard against disease-causing microbes, parasites and pests. 
  3. Get wellness checkups with a caring doctor to prevent diseases. 
  4. Stay clean inside and out using water and hygiene. 
  5. Minimize alcohol and avoid drugs and stimulants as much as you can. 
  6. Minimize exposure to "EMF" (electromagnetic fields) from computers, cell phones, and other electronics. 
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Part 3: Enjoy A Lifestyle Of Elevated Wellness

Want to enjoy your days more fully?  Wouldn't we all!  These are top six ways to keep your day going well.
  1. Be active and defeat fat with increasingly lively flows of movement. 
  2. Deep, relaxed breathing helps your cardiovascular system, uplifts your spirit, and eases stress. 
  3. Get enough sun but not too much unprotected exposure. 
  4. Get plenty of sleep because it heals the body, primes the immune system and improves heart health. 
  5. Wake up well with life-brightening habits, ones that you can really feel creating a day of happier well-being. 
  6. Taking time to relax and socialize reduces stress, improves memory and adds meaning to life. 
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 Part 4: Keys To Happiness For Life

The mind and its emotions are known to be powerful influencers of your health, and vice versa.  Your own thoughts may be better keys to happiness than anything experts say.  The six “secrets” listed below are more like queries that can help you discover more ideas for living.

Albert Einstein amazingly uttered this quote:  “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”  Let's just hope these six keys will illuminate a few gems of intuition from within.
  1. Anyone can be a free spirit:  There is freedom in living for love and/or enthusiasm. 
  2. Have a good social “support system” for better levels of well-being, longevity, and ability to cope with problems. 
  3. Conversely, limit exposure to toxic people -- and at times you're with them, smile and enjoy yourself. 
  4. Do what you love
  5. Teach to others what you love or well-enjoy.
  6. Stay positive:  Love what you do even when life presents you with unexpected challenges that may seem hard.
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Everybody's different!  Only by trying a tip can you judge for yourself.  Some tips may only give you a little boost, while one or two may do you a world of good.  And we'll certainly give out more tips and secrets that we couldn't mention here, either because they are too personal, or more research is needed to make sure you get only “the best.”

We value your input!  If you know any smart health tips you'd like to pass on to others, we'd love to hear from you. And if you have any questions at all, anytime is a great time to just ask!