Best Supplements for Joints
by David Snell

All the supplements talked about here are premium quality, offered by Healthy Way located in Lynnwood, Washington. I've personally tried them all and I think they all work well for most people. I'm currently taking two of them, MagLife and Active Mobility. The other supplements are more expensive, but I'll still buy some bottles of them once or twice each year to get a nice health boost.
Full disclosure:  I'm a well-being advocate and a caring person, but I'm not a health professional. It's very important to note that I don't earn any sort of commission for recommending any particular supplement or company. My thoughts are based on a combination of (a) studying the advice of nutrition researchers, (b) visiting web sites where supplements are described, and (c) personal knowledge coming from experiences with many different supplements. I had to go through quite a few health problems, before discovering supplements and foods that I found to be more healthifying than anything else I've ever tried. I sincerely judge these supplements to be effective for the vast majority of people. However, effectiveness can vary depending on your biochemistry and state of health. You can read my full disclaimer here.
It's wise to also consider all your best supplement choices because the health of every part of our body and mind is interrelated.  The below joint supplements are listed approximately in order of their importance to joint health.
  1. Active Mobility.  This excellent formula contains niacinamide, antioxidants, joint lubricants and herbs that give excelelnt overall support for your joints. It also nourishes your tendons and muscles, which can be very energizing. You could take 4-6 capsules per day for maximum support, or you could just take up to two capsules on days when you expect to be physically active.
  2. Glucosamine.  This supports, cushions and lubricates your joint cartilage. Mega 530 contains an excellent form of this imprtant nutrient. It's best to take 4-6 capsules per day on a regular basis.
  3. Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients.  Inflasera contains anti-inflammation herbs and nutrients that help reduce pain and promote healing. It's also a very good supplement for general health. It has many components that work together in a well-balanced way: turmeric, trans-resveratrol, decaf green tea, white willow bark and more.

    Most pain relief pills and anti-inflammatory supplements aren't well balanced, and can undermine your health in the long run. It's expensive, but if you buy just two or three bottles, and take it over six weeks or so, that could give your body enough relief from inflammation to heal some of your health problems.
  4. Magnesium.  A necessary mineral that also helps with overall relaxation. It's important for maintaining bone health. It has a very tension-taming effect for many people. LifeMag and/or MagPlus are your best bets here. Take as many pills as you need to feel better, anywhere from three to eight per day is usually good.
  5. Muscle Nourishment.  Flex Energy helps reduce lactic acid, builds endurance and makes your muscles more flexible. From the muscles, nourishment will spread to your tendons and then joints. If you don't want to spend the money to take it regularly, a pill or two can be taken before workouts or any physically demanding work.
For more information on these spplements and/or to order them, visit and

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MAY 2019 UPDATE: Here's a podcast from Rex Smith on his Focus On Nutrition radio show, explaining Active Mobility and the other supplements that support joint health.

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Pro Tip: You can easily get a transcript of any YouTube video, just follow these simple instructions. It's also possible to download the audio of any YouTube video, and listen to it anytime. It's simpler to just go to the YouTube page and listen to the video though.

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