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Our company mission is to be a grass-roots organization that works for the benefit of people everywhere to help expand their health, safety and financial freedom.  To that end, we strive to deliver the best tips for better living, clearly explained so everyone can experience the greatest benefit possible and live their lives to the fullest. Our Golden Rule for how customers should be treated is simply this:

Our Golden Rule:

“Customers are appreciated life success partners, whom we shall give enlightened information supporting their (1) health, (2) safety, (3) financial and spiritual freedom, (4) well-being and (5) lifetime of happiness.”

Of course, it's not realistic to guarantee "health, safety and financial freedom for all."  That motto is a goal, with an implicit optimiism that our inner beings will be fulfilled in spite of both our failings and the pitfalls we encounter; and furthermore, our sacrifices will benefit those who follow in our footsteps.

We dedicate ourselves to these seven bedrock principles:

The Unbiased Truth.  Our editorial standards are constituted in such a way as to deliver proven truth.  Money to support us will only be accepted in ways that do not bias our mission to serve humanity.

Positive Values.  We provide the best consumerwise tips available so you'll receive very high value in return for your time spent here.  And we are also about universal values such as health, safety and freedom.

Wise Use Of Time.  Our descriptions are always clear and concise, so you'll gain the maximum benefit from reading our tips and have all possible free time left.  Other sites sometimes provide information to the point of overload; ours will give you what you need to know, with links to articles where you can learn more if you wish.

A Citizen Community.  This site is being founded and built from the ground up by well-being advocates.  There is always courteous customer service for our subscribers.

Individualized Content.  We give subscribers ways to customize our web pages to their own needs, such as customized tipsheets that improve health, safety and financial freedom.

Entertaining Our Guests.  Perhaps surprisingly for a consumer advocacy site, we believe that if you're going to visit us, we should provide entertainment to make it a happy journey!  You'll be amused with good humor, delighted with beautiful design, and inspired by the wisdom of the ages.

Your Vigilant Watchdog!  We constantly monitor news sites and humanitarian publications to keep you updated with important news covering crucial topics such as careers, credit, health care, homes, the Internet, investing, safety, shopping, taxes, thrift and utilities.

Here's what we won't do:

  • We will never "spam" you:  you are always in control of all email communications, and all emails will remain free of commercial advertisements.

  • Our web site will remain "hype-free":  we will provide only objective and helpful information. While anyone in the world can come here, keep in mind that some of our advice may not apply to foreign countries.

  • We don't allow "pop-ups" on our site.  If you ever see a pop-up while visiting our site, it's probably caused by spyware on your computer.

  • We don't accept corporate gifts or donations to pay for any services offered to our subscribers:  we would rather see charitable donations go to the truly needy, and we don't want to become beholden to any commercial interests.

  • We don't have any party allegiances, nor do we get substantially involved in political issues, particularly not with the use of any income received from our subscribers.

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