Installing Reserve With Google
For Your Restaurant "DIY" Or Pro?

by David R. Snell

Reserve With Google (often termed "RWG") is both profitable and easy to use for any restaurant. It works well with any reservation system you may already be using.  It works in and virtually anywhere Google is used.  And it brings in a steady stream of new clients. There are two ways to install it for your restaurant:  (1) do-it-yourself (DIY) or (2) professional installation.

Let's first talk about why all restaurants will want this done, then outline the DIY way to install it. Or, you can skip ahead to the pro-installed way which we'll finish this article with.

Why Restaurants Need This

Reserve With Google is considered by industry analysts to be tremendously beneficial in gaining new reservations, customers and earnings. All restaurants will soon be using it, for seven vital reasons (for details click the seven 'More' links below:)

Reserve With Google:
The “7 Golden Reasons”

  1. More customers.  Take advantage of Google's huge user base. More...
  2. More reservations.  You will receive Google's free "Reserve Table" button. More...
  3. It helps you stand out.  Google boosts your reputation. More...
  4. It's becoming expected  It's really catching on fast. More...
  5. It's a cash-flow machine.  More customers leads to higher earnings for you. More...
  6. Your business runs smoother.  Google takes care of details. More...
  7. And here's the amazing "clincher" stat:  More...

Simple truth is:  When making reservations, most people vastly prefer the speed, ease-of-use and familiarity of using Google over other other options (e.g. phoning it in, figuring out a restaurant's website reservation system, etc.)

Experts agree that nearly every restaurant will need to install it, even those who are leery of new technology. Those who delay will fall behind, perhaps too far behind to regain lost ground.  In the opinion of many marketing experts, that risks incurring irreparable losses. (Personal tip:  Your real benefit won't be just the lucrative extra revenue. Consider the countless added hours you can take to enjoy whatever you're enthusiastic about, with the people you love and care about.)

Now let's cover the your two options for installing it.

1. The Do-It-Yourself ("DIY") Way

We looked for the simplest plain-English instructions we could find online. If you're tech-savvy, you can easily do this. If you're "just okay" with computers you can likely still "DIY" this thing, though some will find it a tedious tech-chore. (Scam Alert:  Some fly-by-nighters try to make this seem overly difficult and then ask an exorbitant install fee, plus $100/ month or more to "optimize" it.)

No decent manual has yet been written on Reserve WIth Google, perhaps because it's so new. So we sorted through over a hundred articles to present you with only the best, discarding the 90% that were spammy or poorly written or obviously biased.

Whether you “should” do this yourself is another matter. You may overlook important details that a pro wouldn't; plus, revealing these "DIY" instructions forces us to give you both a super deal on pro-installing RWG and unbeatable bonuses.

On a more personal note, I'm idealistic by nature and I'm hoping this will be the beginnings of something great for us both.  I'd like to use this site and its services for the public interest, to promote health, safety and financial freedom.I'll be happy to hear back from you how well this service worked for you, if not then I wouldn't want to be paid.

If you can understand the five steps listed below, you can do this yourself. First you might want to read this Restaurant Reservation Systems article (especially if you don't have one yet) for a really good overview.  I should also mention The Restaurant Reservations Game is About To (Finally) Get Wild for a deeper "insider's look" if you're interested.

Step 1. Setup Google My Business.  Make sure you are listed in Google My Business (GmB.) This is needed before you can setup your Google profile to accept reservations. If you're in GmB, skip ahead to Step 2, otherwise sign up for it:

Understanding it:  Google: Add or claim your business listing
Getting it done:  Google My BUsiness
Step 2. Setup GmB Bookings.  Sign into your Google My Business profile, and setup bookings:

Understanding it:  Adding a link to your restaurant's Google My Business page
Getting it done:  Google My Business: Login
Step 3. Select a "booking provider."  That is, if you don't already have one. It's the same thing as a "booking partner" and can also be called a "reservation system provider" or be part of an "online ordering system."

Understanding it:  These well-written guides help you choose one:
    Table Reservation Software: Which Option Is Best for Your Restaurant? or
    The 9 Best Online Restaurant Reservation Systems Compared
        (deeper, but likely biased towards the Eat App system)

Getting it done:  Reserve with Google integrations
Step 4. Setup Your Booking Provider.  Sign up with the booking provider selected in Step 3.

Understanding it:  Read the instructions at the provider's website.
Getting it done:  Follow those instructions.
Step 5. Verify With Google  Follow the verification process required by Google.

Understanding it: Help with postcard verification
Getting it done:  Upon receiving your postcard, go to your GmB control panel here and verify.
Now you'll be all setup and ready to use Reserve With Google! If you find any better articles, please let us know and we'll include them here so everyone can benefit. Additional information regarding Google My Business booking services is at Google's support page, Set up bookings through a provider.

2. The Pro-Installed Way

Many customers want to hear the exact deal of "The Pro-Installed Way" first so let's briefly mention this month's for right up front.  For at least this week, we're waiving the usual $100  setup fee plus we're slashing the price to the bone:

  1. Enjoy a 15-day free trial;
2. After that, pay $267;
3. Try 1 month of service free;
4. Like it? Only $19 monthly.

You may cancel at any time.
And by the way -- that's all you need to know!  You're ready to gain the full benefits of Reserve With Google right now.  You can spend ten minutes reading the rest or thirty seconds skimming it:  Either way it'll be done "Easy -- Simple -- Quick" and we intend to take care of you so well, you'll be overjoyed with your end results. wants to assist the success of restaurants that serve healthy food. Here it's all made easy, simple and quick and you'll combine unbeatable value with golden rule service.

You've already seen the seven reasons you need RWG.  Here are fourteen reasons to install it with us. If you can find a better deal anywhere please let us know because we've never heard of one.

Easy -- Simple --Quick!

  1. Easy for you.  Leave all the work to us. More...
  2. Simple to use.  Google just streams reservations in. More...
  3. Quickly installed.  You'll start profiting right away. More...
  4. Just delegate the work.  Your employees can handle most of this. More...

Quality Service

  1. That's Our "Good Life Mission,"  a reflection of "The Golden Rule." More...
  2. We Promote Health And Happiness.  That's our twin mission.More...
  3. Let's Do Good Together.  "Doing good is its own reward." More...

An Unbeatable Deal...

  1. Bargain Pricing.  It's just $267 for a full install. More...
  2. You Risk Nothing.  Enjoy your free trial for fifteen days. More...
  3. Seven Complimentary "Good Life Bonuses"  They embody our motto of "Health, Safety and Financial Freedom for All." More...

“7 Golden Reasons” Repeated:

  1. More customers from Google's billions.  More...
  2. You get Google's free "Reserve" button..  More...
  3. It's a good reputation booster.  More...
  4. It's becoming expected by many users  More...
  5. It's a cash-flow machine.  More...
  6. You'll avoid many reservation glitches.  More...
  7. "The clincher:" 80% of people will use it.  More...

Reminder:  Every restaurant need this to succeed --   and to avoid financial struggles, the sooner the better. You can DIY it f of course, or let us start your free-trial installation today.

And we'll keep going to bat for you with a free trial of monthly service
  • Receive one complimentary month of RWG maintenance, online marketing analysis, and more:  all made "easy -- simple -- quick!".
  • If you like it, forty-five days from now your $19/month service will start.
  • You may cancel anytime you wish and still enjoy full RWG service.  
    Why not get your free trial and bonuses now, right here:

      1. Enjoy a 15-day free trial;
    2. After that, pay $267;
    3. Try 1 month of service free;
    4. Like it? Only $19 monthly.

    You may cancel at any time.

    P. S.  If You're Still Undecided...

    This Even Pays For Itself!

    1. Our Over-Delivery On Value Pays.  In fact we look forward to waayyy-overdelivering! More...
    2. A Professional Install  Pays.  Doing the job right always pays off. More...
    3. Reserve With Google Pays.  This goes back to the seven reasons. More...
    4. Acting Now  Pays.  "Early adopters" will gain the most. More...

    For you this deal is all upside:  Your free trial puts the risk all on us.  Why not just let us prove it to you?  Please accept your free trial offer today (with the usual $100 setup fee waived) while it still lasts, right here:

      1. Enjoy a 15-day free trial;
    2. After that, pay $267;
    3. Try 1 month of service free;
    4. Like it? Only $19 monthly.

    You may cancel at any time.

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