FaceBook Services:  Frequently Asked Questions

Lots more questions and details, read or skim 'em at will.

Questions About These Deals:

Q:  Why do you say spending hundreds for these SEO services is a bargain for my business?

A:  Three things to know here:
  1. Prices here are far less than what most others charge. One SEO guru literally wrote, "This service fee should be between $500 to $1,000.  Lower if you want to undersell yourself."
  2. Over time, you probably stand to gain many thousands.
  3. Other businesses spend thousands on SEO, knowing that it's well worth it.
Q:  How long will the prices on this page be available?

A:  This is a launch special that we're using to "get the word out" about our new FaceBook SEO services. Prices will certainly go up soon (probably to between $250 and $500 per service.) Prices are locked in thru end of week,then each weekend we evaluate whether it's time to end the special.

Q:  Why are you so inexpensive compared to your competitors?

A:  Three reasons:
  1. We just want a fair reward for good work; many competitors are in it for "easy money."
  2. We don't do ad spends because word-of-mouth works so well for us.
  3. FaceBook SEO takes less work because it's a few pages, not an entire website.
Q:  How can I research the prices of your competitors?

A:  We don't know anyone who can match what we offer.  You can search Google for "FaceBook SEO service ~price."  When we last did that in early March of 2019, one of the ads mentioned a "$199 price" but failed to say it's really a $199-per-month charge.  The ads were followed by a link to this article: SEO Pricing: How Much Does SEO Cost in 2019?

Q:  How can you say that your services are "virtually free in three different ways?"

A:  We think that's accurate because:
  1. Each service here is intended to pay for itself within weeks or months by the revenue you'll generate.
  2. Everything here comes with a15-day free trial, simply cancel it and you pay nothing for a service.
  3. Your complimentary Good Life Bonuses will likely give you more than enough cash-flow to pay for any services you purchase here, many times over.
Q:  What offer listed here do you most recommend to your customers?

A:  Your seven free Good Life Bonuses are here to help all consumers with their health, safety and financial freedom! Notice we said not "free trial" but "free"  because that's exactly what it is.

Q:  Where's the proof that your services will actually work for me?

A:  Our willingness to offer a free trial proves we believe this works. Later we will add testimonials from delighted customers, so let yours be one of them.

Questions About Benefits Of These Services:

Q:  Before I sign up, how can I predict that your services will work for me?

A:  If we invited you here, it means we're 95% sure you'll get worthwhile results. If you weren't invited, but you're a local small business, it's more like 85% to 90%:  still worth a try. Otherwise please contact us and ask us to come look at your business page.

Q:  After I sign up, how can I tell that your services are starting to work as predicted?

A:  For the FaceBook SEO service, we will send you a link within a week showing your page-one Google ranking for the local keywords you've chosen. For conversion optimization, you'll be able to track all your new leads online.

Q:  So when people search for me using Google, my page will be one of the first pages they see listed?

A:  Google will usually list one to three "Google Ads" at the top, and probably a "three-pack" from Google Maps.  However, by going with us you get three advantages over those advertisers:
  1. Many searchers dislike advertising, and will just scroll past all that to view unpaid "organic listings" like yours.
  2. You'll incur no "pay-per-click" costs, while your competitors are paying.
  3. When you engage us to conversion-optimize your page, you could convert more "leads" into actual clients than those advertisers.
Q:  What kinds of keywords will my FB page rank highly for?

A:  When you choose good keywords, your new client leads will be high-quality.  Two examples:  "thai food restaurant in tacoma" would be easy, but "restaurants in seattle" is probably too highly competitive. Which is fine because most people search for a specific offering, and those people are also more likely to become customers.

Q:  How many different search phrases will my FB page rank highly for?

A:  You can choose three or four keywords to focus on, which together will combine for even more search phrases. Plus, your business name itself will be more easily found when searched for.

Q:  Will my page-one ranking of my FB page last for very long?

A:  It's likely to last years because we use SEO methods that have worked for over a decade. If it's given a few minutes of attention per week, it could easily rise even higher to Google's top three

Q:  Will your FaceBook SEO service give me a more attractive custom "vanity URL?"

A:  Yes, and it will be SEO-optimized to your keywords. Some people believe your page needs 25 likes before FaceBook will allow a custom URL (that was only true prior to 2011.) Others may try to charge you for a custom URL, when the reality is that FaceBook gives them away for free. Finally, rest assured that your previous FB URL will still work:  It will auto-forward to your custom URL.

Q:  After your services are rendered, will my page then be fully optimized?

A:  No page ever is, you could take it much further. We will set you on a course to get even better results from your FB page, with minimal effort and expense. If you just post to it weekly, you'll be way ahead of most other local businesses.

Questions About How These Services Work:

Q:  Will any of this take up much of my time and attention?

A:  There's no contract to sign with us, and we handle the details:
  1. FaceBook SEO would take a only a few minutes of your time.
  2. FB Conversion Optimization would take 10-30 minutes, most of which could be done by an employee with basic computer literacy.
  3. If you want an SEO Agency Consultation, it would require up to an hour or two.
Q:  What changes will your SEO service make to my FaceBook page?

A:  We'll add some keywords to your page and put them in your page name too. For example, "Remo's-Pizza" could become "Remo's-Pizza-Best-Pizza-Restaurant-In-Spokane". Other additions would normally include FaceBook's Verification badge and making sure your profile is correct and written to attract searches. Much work is done off your page, such as adding links to your site..

Q:  What changes will your conversion optimization make to my FaceBook page?

A:  The consumer's perception of your page will be given a big upgrade. Some attractive pictures and SEO-friendly text will be added, but there will be no change needed to what you want preserved.

Q:  What if I don't yet have a FaceBook business page?

A:  Make one, but first be sure it's keyword-optimized from the very start. Sign up for FaceBook SEO and we'll research keywords for you. Then create one using those keywords (it's pretty easy.) Then we'll do your SEO.

Questions About GoodLifeMission.com:

Q:  How do you show you're a company that's on the side of your customers and helping people everywhere?

A:  We work hard to create and give away cool stuff that addresses three consumer-friendly purposes:
  1. Health:  We've published health-boosting articles (listed on our home page menu) that will serve you better than almost anything you will read on the Internet.
  2. Safety:  Visit FreeKindPosters.life for a free safety poster.  We plan to soon expand this site to dozens of posters, covering many topics related to health and safety.
  3. Financial Freedom:  We help consumers save money in countless ways, and we show small businesses use FaceBook to increase revenues.
Plus your seven free Good Life Bonuses assist in all three areas.

Q:  Why then are you doing FaceBook SEO?

A:  Building a fantastic web services company will help us spread information online about health, safety and/or financial freedom. We only offer services business owners who express an interest in those goals. And if earnings are good, that will help us fund causes for those goals.

Q:  What is your greatest weakness as a SEO provider -- and your greatest strength?

A:  Our greatest weakness is that not much of our experience is in SEO, it's mostly in consumer advocacy. That may be our greatest strength too, because we're so accustomed to acting in the best interest of you the consumer. Your Good Life Bonuses are a great example, try them anytime you like and see for yourself!

Q:  What is your high-tech "secret sauce" that gets such high rankings?

A:  That's a proprietary secret because we don't want to lose our competitive advantage.  We don't use any "black hat SEO" tricks that some other companies use.  Those are ill-advised methods that Google seeks to squash (sites that used it are then often punished in their rankings.)

Q:  What is your experience level in Internet work?

A:  We've built dozens of websites, run scores of advertising campaigns, and custom-programmed many web services. This site has boosted public health, safety and financial freedom since 2005. Our SEO expertise along with our automated processes work very well for most clients' businesses.

Q:  How responsive are you to questions and requests?

A:  We want to hear your questions, please go to our contact page and we'll respond within 24 hours.  If you request us to do extra work or additional projects, we'll either charge extra to do it or help you with an SEO agency consultation.

Q:  How do I request additional work?

A:  Normally you won't need any more work done. We probably would take on work if we know we can do it well (typically at $50 per hour.) If you want to employ another company to do work, our SEO Agency Consultation service would likely more than pay for itself many times over.

Q:  Do you help only local enterprises benefit from FaceBook SEO?

A:  We can help almost anyone, but it's not easy to rank a large national enterprise highly for competitive keywords.  A big national business may need to pick less competitive keywords (or else settle for a lower ranking than page one.)

Q:  Who runs the show around here?

A:  It's run by me, David Snell (you can read my bio here.) Almost all of the design, writing and programming is mine; although not the artwork. I'm one of the new breed of entrepreneurs who considers himself an advocate for the interests and well-being of his customers. Maybe you like that thinking too?

Questions About Your Free Trial(s):

Q:  How can you possibly afford to offer these free trials plus such unbelievably low prices?

A:  Efficient technology keeps costs low, so our small "profit per customer" really adds up as we rapidly grow our customer base. Also, the positive results generated by our SEO trade secrets often convert even a skeptical client into a happy customer for life.

Q:  Why offer a free trial when you clearly don't have to?

A:  Having established excellent advantages over our competition, we're now growing a large customer base and servicing it well, rather than focusing on mere short-term profits. Plus by surveying "early adopters" how we can serve our customers better, we'll be able to roll out more worthwhile services in the future.

Q:  Why is my credit card number needed for a free trial?

A:  Actually you need either a card a PayPal account. It serves three useful purposes:
  1. It proves your real interest (e.g. you're not a "spambot"
  2. It shows your creditworthiness
  3. It ensures our bill doesn't sit around unpaid, "collecting digital dust" you might say.
Q:  What reasons for canceling are allowable?

A:  Any reason. We won't judge it. If you want us to cancel the trial for you, you just need to tell us your real reason and we'll cancel your service. If you don't want to tell us, PayPal lets you cancel a free trial yourself.

Q:  What if I need more than 15 days to decide that a service was worth paying for?

A:  You do receive an additional guarantee for one of our services, FaceBook SEO:  If you demand your money back within 60 days after your payment, we'll happily refund you every penny. In effect, you may use this guarantee as an extra 60 days for your decision.

Q:  Can I get everything done for free, i.e. by claiming free trials for multiple services, and then canceling payment for each within 15 days?

A:  No, we reserve the right to deny free trials.

Questions About Profitability:

Q:  How quickly will I be able to build revenue?

A:  Your FaceBook services will normally start working within days. Results will accumulate gradually -- but perpetually. And well before your free trial ends, it's likely you'll be able to foresee worthwhile profits.

Q:  How much revenue will all this create for me?

A:  Your new revenues will depend on your customer base, the profitability of your business model, and how well you run things. Tools like FaceBook Insights will let you measure your new leads, customers and revenue. Before long your new revenue will more than pay for the services you purchased from us, in all likelihood.

Q:  I don't much like some of Facebook's profiteering methods, are my concerns justified?

A:  We're not big fans of some of their decisions either, but FaceBook has improved their policies substantially. And we respect the FaceBook Business Page as the ultimate "autopilot cash cow" for local business owners.  Nearly 75% of North America uses FaceBook and it has 2.2 billion active users globally.  Why let FaceBook and its users get all of that easy revenue growth?  We don't want you to be left behind.  Click below now and start milking FaceBook today:
FaceBook SEO Service:

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