Why Optimize For FaceBook?  Easy...

Because you will attract new customers very cost-effectively, while we take on all the risk because we know this works. Here's a quick preview of how you'll benefit:
  1. You'll boost your FaceBook page to Google's prized top-three ranking, gaining customers and revenue using FaceBook SEO.
  2. Using conversion optimization to make your Facebook page more attractive and persuasive, you'll gain even more revenue streaming in.

Why Local Enterprises Prefer Us

The marketing experts at Reach Local tell us that 85% of people search for local businesses online.  Optimizing your FaceBook page is the likeliest way to rank high in Google, because FaceBook.com is an important "authority site."  FaceBook pages simply rank higher and more easily than any websites.

So which future do you want for your revenue projections? Three choices here:
  1. Sign up for a two-week free trial here, and start gaining measurably helpful results within a week.  Experience the bliss of revenue growth on autopilot.
  2. Do nothing and let the competition steal the lion's share of easy revenue growth, while you fall further and further behind -- until finally it becomes too late to ever catch up.
  3. Pay $500 or more to another SEO company upfront to optimize a site, plus monthly fees to maintain your Google ranking, with no money-back guarantee of success.
Easy one, because here it's all upside and no risk, while letting us do the work.

Three "Service First" Offers

Everything here comes with courteous service, a fifteen-day free trial and an unconditional money-back guarantee:
  • FaceBook SEO You'll vault your FaceBook business page to Google's prized top three ranking. This works well for almost all local enterprises, even if SEO for their own website has failed. It's a great way to increase leads, clients and revenue.

    Included is a keyword research report for your market. Pay only if you make Google's top three for customer-attracting keywords! This is a fantastic "starter deal" for local enterprises, so why not click below to get started:

    (This does not require a PayPal account.)
  • FaceBook Conversion Optimization Once you've ascended to Google's top three, you'll want to optimize your page to convert your interested prospects into paying clients. You'll gain even more leads, customers and revenue.
  • SEO Agency Consultation After benefiting from those two services, you're probably way ahead of 90% of other local enterprises.  If you want want even more growth, we'll make it easy for you to find good full-service SEO services.  We'll research the SEO companies that service your area and refer you to five full-service SEO companies. They will compete for your business and we'll help you pick the company that best fits your best interests.

    They will be companies we have researched and found to be reputable and competitively priced. You'll also receive a comprehensive best practices report revealing money-saving tips, so this service can really pay for itself many times over.
When you click on any of the above services, you'll get results within days not weeks.  After you provide us with a little information, you can relax while we take care of everything.

It's 100% Consumer-Friendly!

Now here's how we keep everything here service first:
  1. Fifteen-Day Free Trial: You won't even be charged today:  Just select one of our offers, using your credit card or PayPal account to prove you're creditworthy. PayPal will not charge it during your free trial.
  2. Excellent Security:  Because you'll privately use PayPal, it's all secretly and safely in your control, not ours. And as nearly everyone knows, PayPal doesn't share your credit card number with us or anyone else.
  3. Fast Results:  Your fifteen-day trial requires us to act quickly on your behalf, generating results within days.  In our experience 90% of customers are happy to pay after they see how exciting their results can be.
  4. Great Deals:  You'll receive very consumer-friendly pricing. It's less than half what most others charge, with no recurring monthly fees.
  5. Be A Well-Informed Consumer:  Because we start from a consumer advocacy viewpoint, you'll discover how to avoid the price-gouging and ripoffs that pervade the Internet.  Too many companies want to "upsell" you to SEO services of dubious worth, often at unnecessarily high monthly fees.
  6. Satisfaction Guaranteed:  We're so confident you'll be happy you found us, you need only pay if you absolutely love the results our services generate for you. We're the only SEO company we're aware of that gives such an ironclad guarantee.
  7. Top Results:  You'll get ranked in Google's top three, converting your visitors into paying customers.  And even if you cancel your scheduled payment, you still keep your improved results!
Since it's all helpful and consumer-friendly for you with no risk at all, why not sign up now?  We'll do all the work and quickly finish service within days.

After every free trial, you can either (1) do nothing, which rewards us for a job well done by allowing your payment to go through,; or (2) pay nothing, by logging in to PayPal.com and canceling. Even then you'll enjoy your improved results at no charge whatsoever.

That's how confident we are that you'll be happy with us!  It's intentionally designed to be all upside and risk-free for you, so there's really no good reason for you to waffle or delay. You'll see how positive your results can be within a few days, so click the button below and get started today!
FaceBook SEO Service:

(This does not require a PayPal account.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Before I sign up, how can I predict whether your services will work for me?

A:  If we invited you here, it means we're 95% sure you'll get worthwhile results. If you weren't invited, but you're a local small business, it's more like 85% to 90%:  still worth a free trial. Otherwise please contact us and ask us to come look at your business page.

Q:  After I sign up, how can I tell that your services are starting to work as predicted?

A:  For the FaceBook SEO service, we will send you a link within a week showing your top-three Google ranking for the local keywords you've chosen. For conversion optimization, you'll be able to track all your new leads online.

Q:  How quickly will I be able to build revenue?

A:  Your FaceBook SEO will normally start working within days. Your conversion optimization will likely show results within two weeks. When you choose good keywords, your new client leads will be high-quality. Your new revenues will depend on your business type, and how well you run it.

Q:  Is it a "sure thing" that my FaceBook page will be in Google's top 3 within a week?

A:  For most local enterprises, yes if the keywords you want aren't highly competitive. Two examples:  "thai food in tacoma" would be easy, but "restaurant in seattle" wouldn't fly.

Q:  Will my top-three ranking of my FB page last for very long?

A:  It's likely to last years because we use SEO methods that have worked for over a decade. We don't use any "black hat SEO" tricks that some other companies use, ill-advised methods that Google seeks to squash.

Q:  How can I research the prices of your competitors?

A:  You can Google FaceBook SEO service ~price. When we last did that in early March of 2019, some competitors' ads were shown, including one that advertised a "$199" price but failed to mention that it was a perpetual monthly plan.  The ads were followed by this article: SEO Pricing: How Much Does SEO Cost in 2019?  We didn't see any FaceBook-only services like ours, possibly because most SEO companies are competing to get the lucrative customers.

Q:  Why are you so inexpensive compared to your competitors?

A:  We don't do ad spends because our word-of-mouth works very well for us. Secondly our competitors are in search of big money, while we just want to charge a fair price for good work. And finally, FaceBook SEO is very cost-effective for small businesses because only a page or two needs work done, not an entire website.

Q:  What is your experience level in Internet work?

A:  We've earned hundreds of thousands from building websites, Internet advertising, and other web services. We're also been online consumer advocates since 1998,, and have designed this site to boost everyone's health, safety and financial freedom. Our SEO expertise isn't "major league" but it works well for small local businesses.

Q:  How responsive are you to questions and requests?

A:  We want to hear your questions, please go to our contact page and we'll respond within 24 hours.  Normally you want need any more work done beyond what we normally provide. If you want to request work anyway, our quote would be based on a pay rate of $85 per hour, paid in advance.  Alternatively you could employ another company to do it.

Q:  Can both local and national enterprises benefit from FaceBook optimization?

A:  Yes, just realize that it's not easy to highly rank a national enterprise for competitive keywords.  You'd either need to pick more uncommon keywords, or settle for a lower ranking.

Q:  Is there any way I can just do this FaceBook SEO stuff myself?

A:  You could browse some SEO-expert sites, or maybe buy an SEO course. But it would cost you many hours of precious time, and you'd probably make costly mistakes.

Q:  Can I get free trial for multiple services, and cancel payment for each?

A:  No, we reserve the right to deny free trials.

Q:  What if I need more than 15 days to decide that the service was worth paying for?

A:  You do receive an additional guarantee for one of our services, FaceBook SEO. If you demand your money back within 60 days after your payment, we'll happily refund you every penny. In effect, you may use this guarantee as an extra 60 days for your decision.

Q:  I don't much like some of Facebook's profiteering ways, are my concerns justified?

A:  We're not big fans either, but we respect the FaceBook Business Page as the ultimate "autopilot cash cow" for local enterprises.  Nearly 75% of North America uses FaceBook and it has 2.2 billion active users globally.  So why be left out while your competitors get way ahead?  Look at this as not letting FaceBook and its users get all the easy revenue growth.  Click below now to get started:
FaceBook SEO Service:

(This does not require a PayPal account.)

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